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Post by Admin Emmeline. on Sat Apr 02, 2016 3:18 pm

Hello! The idea for a forum was suggested so the students can submit and record their homework. This is how we're going to test you, at the end, we want screenshots, discussions and many other things.
Homework is MANDATORY. It means, you cannot skip doing it. If you attend the Course you must keep attending it and doing it's homework. Your work will be followed and if you don't do the missions you get, you will be expelled out of our Academy - Rarely happens, might happen.
Our Academy is focusing on ACTUAL teaching, where we improve your skills as a creator, a builder, an actor - as a roleplayer.

- No copying other students' homework. Unacceptable.
- Use appropriate language at all times posting.
- Do your homework.
- Respect your teachers, leaders, students, friends - any users of this forum.
- No Spam forums.

That is it for now!
Admin Emmeline.

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