1st April Homework!

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1st April Homework!

Post by Admin Emmeline. on Sat Apr 02, 2016 1:45 pm

Hello Students! Emmeline Here.

During the class yesterday, we've discussed about styles used in interior designing. As a part from 'Where to Buy' Course, you must understand styles and know how to define them. Before we let you out go shopping for your projects, further homeworks and exams, you must do this homework:
Students are to pick five interior designs styles and describe the shapes, colours and textures used in the designs. Add a picture link to prove your paragraph.
Notes and tips:
- Do not copy a full paragraph for each Style you're working on - we're watching!


- Post your homework here, using the "Post Reply" Button.
- Do not use the New Topic, the topic will be deleted.
- Use the template/base made for you that will be added. Insert everything there.

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