1st April Homework!

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1st April Homework!

Post by Admin Emmeline. on Sat Apr 02, 2016 2:18 pm

Hello Students! Emmeline Here.

During the class yesterday, we've performed a Family RP of two sisters aruging and fighting.
Your mission for the next lesson is to:
Pair up with one of your friends and roleplay as Brothers/Sisters.
Make a script of 2-3 sentences to be preformed during class.
Notes and tips:
- Type fast, send fast.
- No typos.
- Make sure you picked the right partner.
- Don't forget the tryouts before class!

- Post your homework here, using the "Post Reply" Button.
- Do not use the New Topic, the topic will be deleted.
- Use the template/base made for you that will be added. Insert everything there.

Admin Emmeline.

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